Hurricane Talk – Your Children Are Listening!

This is not the typical type of article you might see on my website, but I woke up this morning thinking about a story of a little girl I met, and thought I should share.  Although this story is about 9-11, the same message applies.

On the first anniversary of 9-11, I was in the aisle of a flight preparing to take off.  Adjacent to me was a little girl, approximately 6 or 7 years old, crying – actually SOBBING.  I looked over to her and said, “what’s wrong sweetheart?”.  She said, “Bad people are going to crash our plane.”

As I tried to assure her that was not going to happen, I saw who I assume was her mother in the center seat, with a smaller child at the window.  I made sure her mother heard what was going on so she could also comfort this child.  I was shocked when the mom leaned over and said to me “Well, it could happen” sounding confident that IT IN FACT WOULD.

I was quite shocked. I could not believe this mother influenced her children with worst-case scenario.

The center seat next to me was open, so not knowing what else to do I asked the child if she would like to sit with me if her mom approved. Well, she did not sit next to me, she sat ON my lap and sobbed.  That was fine with me, but of course, the flight attended had to get her to move for takeoff.  I assured her as soon as it was allowed she could come back.

When the flight was in the air, and the seatbelt lights went off, I asked if she wanted to sit next to me again.  Yes, you guessed it… She again sat on my lap (still crying).

The story goes on, and there are other sad stories of children I talked to after Hurrican Andrew, but the point is this….  Be careful what you say!  They are listening.

Prepare, and then be confident.  You can focus on the worst case scenario or the best.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and think positive.  Remember, your little ones are watching, and listening to everything.

Wishing the best for those of us in Florida, and where ever this hurricane may go… God Speed!

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