Consider THIS to Improve Employee Performance

Do you have employees that just can’t seem to provide that level of service you want? Or, just under that high quality you and your clients expect?  Do you need a reset?

Many strategies and processes can and do make a difference but my top ‘change maker’, after hiring right, of course, is clarity.   Yes -clarity and assurance that the team understands the expectations.

I realize that sounds so simple,  yet to be clear on the expectations truly happens far less than most imagine and is an absolute game changer.  Of course, if WE really want to make a difference – to be a  true agent of changing the outcome, WE first need to be clear on what it takes to get there.  I assure you that if we are not crystal clear, we can’t help our employees make the magic happen.

It does not matter how great our team is if they don’t have a vivid understanding of the expectations.  The non-negotiables that put our team, and our company above the rest.

We can continue to provide the same results.  You know –  good often, not good at times, rarely great.  Or we can step it up a notch.  Where to start?  With information!  Pushing ahead blindly can take us down the wrong road.

Each time I start working with a new customer, one of the KPI’s I like to look at is customer feedback.  If they don’t have that, I strongly encourage we start our work together by getting that critical information.  We then share and work through the information with their teams. Why share initial information with their teams?

Trust, and engagement.  Those involved in reviewing, discussing, asking questions and peeling each onion will have a much clearer picture of the root of the problems.

And, the REAL power play happens when employees see that we believe in them enough to ask for their help.  That we strongly consider their recommended solutions in both resolving problems and perhaps in our strategic planning.  A program (or culture) that the employees actually had a voice in creating. That involvement creates a clarity that is near impossible to misunderstand or forget.  

Think about it. How easy is it to be clear on, and supportive of something you helped create?

Clarity on what is needed to stand above the rest and employees who help in the journey.  A great start to a great place to work, wouldn’t you think?

Oh, and have fun doing it!  Don’t get pulled down by negative feedback – get excited about turning it around.  You and your entire team will enjoy watching the numbers change.  Then, remember to celebrate!

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