Driving Value? My Favorite Millennial’s Brilliant Advice

We go to school; we attend seminars and webinars. We read briefings. We learn from mistakes and best practices. We visit and study high performing companies. We conduct meeting after meeting, and yet without this one ingredient, most of those efforts make little difference in driving high-value in the workplace.

When speaking to my absolute favorite millennial of all time about a speech I was working on (regarding powerful employer and employee relationships) he made a suggestion so simple – so clear – so uncomfortable for me!


Give a shit? Really? I liked it, I got it, I just didn’t know what to do with it. I think he was looking for a little shock factor. (Mission accomplished!) At first, I told him I was not up to swearing on stage. He said, “Mom, you can call it whatever you want, as long as they get the point.” I hate it when he is right! Haha.

And guess what, I did crawl out of my comfort zone and tried it once, then twice now often. It’s so funny – of all the brilliant information (I thought) I was providing, I was not sure if people were engaged in the communication. His ‘statement’ did not simply make the point memorable.  Funny as this sounds it was an awakener.  It made my audiences think.  It made the words, work.

How ’bout you. Get it?

Hire people who Give A Shit (ok honestly I still feel a little uncomfortable writing that). THOSE WORDS, however, have made it into my ‘best practices’ toolkit.

One more lesson in this short article – listen to your kids. They grow up and often know more than we do!


Ok, my son, how is this for SHOCK factor, you didn’t expect me to write an article & flash your photo now did you? (smile). Thanks for always stretching me. You help me more than you could ever know. I’m proud of you. I love you!




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