Is GOOD, Good Enough To Earn Customer Loyalty?

Your customers get what they want to buy.  In fact, they consistently get EXACTLY what they pay for; you meet their expectations.

They return.  GREAT.  Loyalty, or so you think!

Then, this same customer hears a story about one of your competitors and their brilliantly marketed bright and shiny object.  Lost customer.

Why did the customer leave?  The better question is why your customer should have stayed.  Yes, they paid you, and received for what they paid.

Was this customer loyal?  No.  She was satisfied. If she were loyal that bright and shiny object would not have also rattled so loudly.  Or, she might have spoken with you in an effort to satisfy her needs while remaining with your company.

So, then you might ask; if good is not good enough, even if they trust that the service will be consistently in line with expectations, what makes the difference?  Why didn’t she first speak with you?

A lack of emotional bonding, without which there is generally no loyalty.

While researching emotional bonding, I read an article by Lola Gershfeld, PsyD.  She wrote of A.R.E. relationships, where the central question in secure bonding, “are you there for me,” is answered with a resounding yes.

A – Are you accessible to me?  Can I reach you if I need you?

R – Will you respond to me?  Will you respond when I call?

E – Will you engage with me?  Will you stay emotionally engaged with me?

Brilliant, I thought!

Now back to my question; Is GOOD, good enough to earn customer loyalty?  I say absolutely not!  What say ye?