Want To Improve Your Recruiting Efforts? Look Inside!

What are your employees saying about your company? They ARE talking – so listen up!

It’s what’s inside that counts, as they say!  I am an NPS (Net Promoter Score) fan.  Know the answer to this powerful question ‘How likely are you to recommend a friend or colleague to (your company) as an employer?’

Honest responses to this, with just a couple follow up questions can be the start to improving your recruiting efforts.

But this is just the start. Care enough to get this (confidential feedback), and then work with your team – at every level of your organization. Dig in, and lead up!

Your employees ARE talking about your company. Brand Ambassadors – THAT’S your goal.

Oh, and P.S., as I am sure you are aware, these efforts will help your employee retention as well.


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