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Parone Group works with executives and their teams to create organizational effectiveness.  We have a 6 step proprietary process to problem solve organizational aims, creating greater customer loyalty and growth.


Irma Parone – Founder & CEO

Irma Parone, consultant and speaker, is a graduate of the Industrial Relations Studies Program at Cornell University and has over thirty-five years experience in the service industry.

For 15 years immediately before forming the PARONE GROUP, Irma held the position of Senior Regional Vice President for Weiser Security Services, Inc., a large security company consisting of 4,000 employees within four regions. She served as the senior vice president overseeing the southeast region that included six (6) branches, 1,200 employees and hundreds of customers.

When she departed the firm to form the Parone Group, her region was the top-performing region in the company. Of the 23 company branches, Irma’s team held six of the top seven awards for staffing excellence and captured the best customer retention percentages in the company.  Her team also reduced employee turnover by 27%.—-

Earlier in her career,  Irma  was asked to assume responsibility for a troubled location suffering a 51.8% customer retention rate.  In slightly over 12 months Parone and her team turned that customer retention percentage to an impressive 93%.  This troubled location was at a large national security company with a workforce of over 50,000 employees, Burns International Security. —-

Irma’s passion for culture started years ago.  As one example, during her frequent flights Irma noticed that Southwest Airlines’ low prices and excellent, fun service blew away their competition. Curious about how a lower paying airline managed to retain and engage excellent employees, Irma asked SWA for permission to visit and learn.  Her professionalism won her that opportunity —  she was extremely impressed…and learned much!  When Irma talks about this experience she almost glows: “Watching their unique way of welcoming and preparing new hires for their mission was invigorating!”
Since then she has visited, researched, studied and talked to many companies with great processes including Ritz-Carlton, Mindvalley, and many others. Says Parone: “It is my passion to learn about the innovative customer retention policies of quality companies…then help other companies incorporate those lessons learned!“——

Irma believes that company success requires a strong and disciplined culture, identifying the right team members, and then providing them with processes that create loyalty and HIGH-value service and growth.

She also believes in a strong commitment to each team player’s ongoing development.  After all, Parone says, “These are the people in front of your customers every single day.”

According to Parone, based on all of her experiences ‘Win x 3′  is the winning juice. It’s ok to take care of yourself, she says. That’s one happy person. But when you and every member of your team make critical decisions considering the needs of your clients, your employees, and your company it’s hard to lose! Three wins, very powerful! Sound too simplistic? Think about results when any one of the three become dissatisfied

Irma has found her ‘Win x 3′ philosophy  to be “the winning juice”.  She guides your firm’s teams to ensure that critical decisions consider the Needs of Three: –your clients, –your employees, and -your company.  Think about results when any one of these three become dissatisfied…   Sound simplistic?  Which direction does revenue go when any one of those three aren’t working?

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