Killer Mistake: On-Site Manager Loyalty Issues?

Sound familiar? Of course, it does. It occasionally happens with Property Management companies, Security Guard companies and other similar businesses that house on site employees. How does it happen? Well if you think through the layout, it’s pretty simple. The PM is on site every day and develops relationships. Her boss is not on site, and so they can’t possibly spend as much time together.

Holiday Gift Warning: What Employees REALLY Want

If you celebrate holidays with a gift, a card or a kind word remember this:  What- ever you give, wrap it in sincere gratitude for their value to you personally and your organization.  Peek out from the shadows of the ‘present’ as intent matters – most of all! In a […]

HATE Your Job? STOP That & LOVE This.

Our jobs form a major part of adult life. Money earned from work helps to put food on the table and pay for housing and other essentials. If you don’t love what you do, you are probably in the wrong role but let’s go over a few STOP and TRY ideas.

Who Is Holding You Back?

This article was authored by Dick Friedman, a Senior Process Design Consultant who provided support to our leadership team through my previous employer.  Dick now provides support to my customers through the Parone Group. I respect his views, so, when he shared this article with me, I decided to share with you. […]