Our 6-step P.A.R.O.N.E. PROCESS will determine the root causes for your particular challenges. This understanding will lead us to processes and strategies that will resolve the challenges. We will then work hand in hand with you as much or as little as your preference and budget dictates.


1. Probe -First Meeting

Our PARONE GROUP discovery process includes a series of questions to help us understand details (symptoms) and confirm the desired outcomes.

2. Analyze – Root Cause Analysis

PARONE GROUP will analyze the discovery details, and lay out root cause hypotheses to be addressed.

3. Rationale

Together, we will review our initial root cause hypotheses, and if requested, provide a proposal for your individualized blueprint.

4. Outline

Assuming we are on track with your expectations and budget, PARONE GROUP will provide an individual blueprint outline that will enable our customers to excel and grow by identifying tools, processes, resources and support to drive company focus and maximize employee performance.

5. Navigate to implement

PARONE GROUP will work with you to navigate the various options provided, and only then, implement the work to fit within your operational timeline.

Your blueprint will include PARONE GROUP implementation assistance; simple steps you can choose to implement yourself, and possibly options for specific outside consultants and/or vendors.   We evaluate and partner with some of the best consultants in the world to ensure we can exceed your expectations.

Our navigation process provides you with assurance that the options are implemented based on your preference and budget.

6. Evaluate

PARONE GROUP will provide ongoing checks and balances throughout and after completion of our work.  We will review your measured results, and overall satisfaction based on your ideal outcomes desired.