3 Ways To Get & STAY Enthusiastic At Work

January 19, 2016

Irma Parone

1. Identify the responsibilities that spark you.

Think about the responsibilities that make you feel good, excited, and accomplished. These are the same duties that also energize you. We all have superpowers. We just need to focus on identifying our talents and passions. Have an idea or two? Go to step #2.

2. Seek tools that allow you to experience more of that energy.

 Keep reaching and learning. How can you develop skills around the duties that energize you? Dive in! How do you best learn? Read books, take a class, or start with Google and find some interesting articles. Can’t find that little voice in your head that gets you excited? Hire a strengths coach. However you do it, take our favorite quote from Larry the Cable Guy and “Get er Done”. Get excited about your uniqueness. There are 1001 ways to learn just about any topic you desire. No matter how great you are, or your organization may be, go outside and get more ideas. Synergy is powerful! Keep learning, sharpening, and improving in those areas that create that energy in you. Your internal drive will come alive once you identify your unique talents.

3. Look forward AND BACK for opportunities to work with your strengths.  And take them!

When looking for opportunities, keep an open mind. Don’t always let money be your goal. Go for the experience and exposure. This could include a promotion or a step back. It could even require going back to school. I realize taking a step back might be a difficult pill to swallow, but focus on the big picture. If you can gain experience and prove yourself – well THAT is a genuine opportunity. Roles allowing you to learn skills surrounding your greatest strengths definitely get my vote! Eventually, you just might find yourself taking those experiences to an entirely new and exciting level of accomplishment. Truly energizing!


Identify what ignites you, and then find opportunities to grow.  Look forward and back for situations that can put you in the drivers seat.

“Do what you love, to love what you do” – Irma Parone

I love learning about successful companies with amazing cultures. I visited Southwest Airlines many years ago and learned so much. How did I do that? I simply asked if I could attend one of their leadership classes. They said NO but did allow me to participate in an orientation class. It was a great experience. 20 years later, I’m still learning!

I have found local opportunities as well. For example, this month I had the chance to hear Jim Dunn (Vice President and General Manager for JM Lexus) and Bernie Moyle (Vantage Hospitality Group) talk about their company culture.

In April, I am scheduled to attend another event including Ritz Carlton, and Cleveland Clinic Florida. I can’t wait! All through the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce.

I am excited to learn more and more about driving performance because that drives me!

Once you find your passion, you just can’t stop.

With every bit you learn, you grow. And it’s fun !!!!!!!!!!!

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