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A FREE, Powerful & Easy Customer Service Strategy

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.



An effective strategy does not always require complicated twists and turns. Try this: Smile.Sincerely! So simple, yet look at some ‘apparently’ unengaged workers. Are they smiling? Are they professional? Stand back and WATCH.  Also, ask others to observe how sincerely friendly your greeting is, and the greeting of your employees.

I often visit a facility that employs a nasty person. The director knows this person is nasty but claims she cares and is highly skilled – he accepts her weakness. Many people are good technically and care. Hint: Fix this problem. There are better candidates out there, guaranteed!

Friendliness, especially in the service industry must be non-negotiable if, you care about your culture. And yes, every company has an apparent company culture that affects their customers, employees and ………bottom line. 

Want to add to this simple strategy? Make it even MORE powerful? Show that you care by engaging in the needs of your customers. Oh, I see, you have unreasonable and demanding clients? Welcome to the customer service business. You have read this in previous posts from me… here it goes…. TRY.

Get in the habit of smiling.sincerely and just trying to help your customers and employees. Who knows, this could lead to other little big things like saying thank-you, offering compliments, and displaying gratitude. Take a few minutes to do that each day and watch what happens.

So now we have two simple service strategies. Smile.Sincerely, and Try.

Get it? Now———

Hire for it! Train it! Observe it! Expect it! And, Appreciate it!


Smile. Sincerely.  Yes, it is important!  


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.


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