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A SPECIAL Holiday Gift – That Lasts a Lifetime

As I work through helping my clients enhance company culture, a unique holiday gift-giving thought came to mind – and it’s not too late for you.

I have been reading about loneliness.  This is such a difficult concept for me because I have always been blessed with many loving family and friends.   Although no one can fill the void of losing my parents and some of those friends, I have never felt alone.  The more I read, the more I have learned that many are not as fortunate.

Many of my clients are continuously working on improving their status as an employer of choice.   When companies first start working on this process, their intention is to reduce turnover and enhance hiring — becoming an applicant magnet, per se.

As relationships develop within these companies, intent becomes more profound.  Bosses help their employees grow and develop for the employee – not just the company but also to help them succeed.   Employees choose to do a great job not only to get ahead, but to support their boss, their company, and their clients.

Now, we are looking at developing an awareness of life beyond work.  I can get into a lot of areas, but for the purpose of this article, I wonder if you can help an employee, co-worker or even boss that might be alone this year by inviting them into your home to join you and your family for your holiday dinner? Please, before you think NO WAY, read on!

If you have been working on getting to know your employees, you just might know someone who might be lonely, or sad and alone for the holidays.  If not, possibly someone from your leadership team might know.  It might even be a family of one of your employees who passed.

Yes, it may change your tradition and even comfort level.  But, it might also add a tradition, or amazing culture,  of kindness and support.  Not only might this new tradition become a lasting memory for your employee and/or their family, but it will also teach your kids and family the true meaning of the holiday season.

Think about it.  Who do you know that will be alone for the holidays or saddened by the loss of a loved one this year?  If you don’t know, ask your team the same question. Who knows, if you have multiple locations, you might even hear the idea spread.  Share this article or share the idea as your own.   This is not about credit; it is about making an impactful difference – a gift that will last a lifetime – for everyone that it touches.



I wish you many blessings and special memories this holiday season.  Irma


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