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After the Storm – Retaining Credibility with Customers

“Earning trust is critical – even when the message is difficult” – Irma Parone

Many years of working with Property Management & Security Companies provided experiences, exposure and lessons learned.  I led contingency forces – driving through the state during and after hurricanes supporting our customers and teams. I also sadly worked with a team of over 100 employees who lost their homes, possessions and even loved ones with Andrew.

I’m sure you are exhausted if you were in the path of recent Hurricanes. I understand. 

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the ‘details’ we might easily forget these are fragile and emotional times.  Tensions are up.  Don’t assume everyone on your team can handle the type of stressful situations they may be facing now.  A little shift in communication goes a long way.
Talk through coping with these high-stress times in a professional manner.  And, if you have not yet done so, create a list of ‘what if’s’.  What if customers or employees ask this or that.  Many of the questions you can accurately answer, but can your team?
Three keys to surviving without losing trust or credibility include;
1.  Kindness – whatever you must say, do so with kindness.  People may have lost more than you know.  Don’t judge.
2.  Honesty – false promises will ruin you in the long term.  If you don’t know, say so and keep them updated.  Let people know that you would never provide inaccurate information.
3.  Loyalty – be convincing that you will work through this – with them, to the end.  Then do it!
“Earning trust is critical – even when the message is difficult” – Irma Parone
This is an opportunity to shine.  Some companies will lose contracts after such challenging events, and others will gain those lost contracts.  Will you win, or lose?
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