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ALERT: Stop spending time dealing with upset customers. Rather, do this!

The cons are those creeping obstacles and resulting lessons that growing businesses learn after the fact.

There is only so much time in a day. Where you spend time is critical to your success, as is the highest of quality service. No brainers!

Recently I spoke with a group of small business executives on customer loyalty. When debating how to handle upset customers, one of the business owners expressed her desire to always treat the angry customer, personally. She feels it provides a higher value service when a customer knows that the owner cares enough to get involved. I understand and agree.

The attention of that owner is impressive. A big PRO! And, if the owner handles the problem, the customer can (seemingly) be assured the issue will be dealt with properly. ANOTHER PRO.

Of course, that is if you plan to remain a “small” business and you are always available. But, what if you grow or otherwise cannot be available one day? Ouch. Here come the CONS. Now you have an employee trying to handle something for which they are not prepared. Or worse, no one responds. The pros were clear in this decision. The cons are those creeping obstacles and resulting lessons that growing businesses learn after the fact.

Unless your team is not qualified to handle the problem (e.g. a patient concerned with his doctor’s diagnosis or treatment) consider a different strategy.

What if, for example, you train and develop your team to handle such problems? And, when I say train, I mean genuinely engage them to manage the situation with as much passion and dedication to the outcome as you.

Of course, as the business owner, there is nothing wrong with checking in with the customer to be sure all went well. It is great to let the customer know you are there if they need you to be their go-to person.

The goal? Simply that the customers respond that they are grateful, but your team is fantastic. All pro – no con! And who knows, your employees just might be better at this than you think! Yes, possibly better than you. That is a PRO with a WOW!

If you have employees that provide a service for your customers they must must must be at the top of your focus.

It does not matter how small or large your organization may be, focus on the employees who will service your customers. Train them well; get their feedback; hold them accountable; and treat them like gold. Yes, treat them with the passion and care you expect of them to treat your customers.