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Anyone Can Deal With NICE People

I love to talk to employees, in all different industries. I typically ask questions about how they like their job, their company, and of course the details to their responses.


A server that I talked to last week was pretty open about his surprise at how nasty some people can treat you in a restaurant setting.


I asked if he would like some thoughts based on my numerous years in the service industry. I then explained a few things.


First, people can be nasty anywhere, doing anything. What makes us valuable is the ability to provide great service, and a warm smile regardless.


We can’t walk in others shoes, and don’t know what makes them the way they are. They could have lost a loved one, their job, or just had a miserable day. That is not an excuse, but it helps us deal with unkind people, much more easily


And, I suggested that he consider that those employees who can diffuse negative and nasty people are typically the MVP’s.


A Ritz-Carlton leader explained it so well recently when he said something like this.   Anyone can prove themselves capable of being kind to the nice guys. It’s how you deal with the crazy people. That’s what makes you valuable.


Loved it!


Hope my new server friend took my advice to heart. I actually think I saw a light bulb go off. He will do well, I’m sure.


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