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Are you suffering from FAST turnover?

There are many reasons that your employees may not be working to your satisfaction or jumping ship. Often, employers call me to ask if I can help them hire better people. Yes, of course, I can. But are you sure you are fixing the root of the problem, I ask?

Turnover may result from a variety of issues. Some organizations need a better process for recruiting and selecting better candidates. With others, we identify that their orientation, training, or even leadership may need some tweaking. And although pay rate is not a guarantor of retention, be in the range, or you just might have those applicants that accept the job until they find a more lucrative opportunity.

Also, know that if you are at least competitive and have excellent leadership and peer teams who welcome new employees and support their success, they may stick with you regardless of being slightly under the pay they desired.

I can guarantee this: If you don’t fix the root causes or causes, you will never get ahead of the problem.