WINX for Executives & Owners

Solve business problems with confidence. Take risk out of your decision-making.

Top leadership consultant Irma Parone reveals a proven, 4X award-winning, eight-step framework for making critical decisions to boost your bottom-line and improve your company culture.

  • The evidence-based WINX process uses real world examples as well as science to:
  • Show how to remove emotions from decision-making.
  • Clarify your current position and your desired result.
  • Demonstrate how to involve employees, suppliers and customers in problem-solving.
  • Illustrate the art of evaluation to know if a solution will just make things worse.
  • Add problem-solving discipline to your leadership skills.
  • Through real-world examples, Parone lays out how any organization can immediately implement this problem-solving and decision-making framework.

Everyone from early-career-stage to executive leaders can benefit from this process, which has been shown to transform organizations. Use this framework to accelerate your career trajectory.

The unique WINX process is designed to help you surround yourself with team members who want you to succeed.

With a mix of real-life stories and a variety of tested strategies, WINX offers a framework perfect for small and medium-sized businesses as well as much larger organizations.

WINX for Employees

Unlocking Excellence in the Workplace with WINX: A Guide to Enhanced Employee Success

Better decisions lead to better outcomes—for you and those around you.

Do you feel disconnected or powerless at work? Perhaps no one listens to your suggestions, or you dread office conflict. Does a hybrid work-from-home environment leave you feeling unheard?

What if you could turn it around by making better decisions?

Inside this guide, written specifically for employees, you’ll join international best-selling and 4x award-winning author Irma Parone as she introduces WINX for Employees, a proven eight-step decision-making model you can apply to nearly any workplace situation, including:

  • Making suggestions to management in a way that they’ll hear
  • Collaborating effectively with your direct reports or colleagues
  • Increasing your value to the organization as a whole

Whether you’re an employee striving to navigate a successful career in an uncertain world or a supervisor seeking to enhance collaboration within your team, this WINX process will empower you to achieve your goals and go beyond.

As CEO of Parone Group and a seasoned businesswoman with over 20 years of experience, Irma understands firsthand the challenges and rewards of succeeding and advancing in the workplace. Her ultimate goal is to empower every individual, at all levels within an organization, to thrive. It all starts with you!

Voices of the 21st Century

Voices of the 21st Century special edition collaborative book, personally signed by Irma Parone.

Within these pages, you’ll discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.

Behind each story is a woman brave enough to have her voice heard and bold enough to make a difference. Their stories challenge the status quo, bring to light once-dark topics, and introduce new ways of thinking.

In a recent interview, Irma shared how honored she was to be selected by WSA to join the amazing women in this book. She further said, “The thoughts of my journey as an interest to an international audience are humbling, exciting, and being quite honest a bit horrifying.”

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