WINX meets it’s promise. It is an eight step problem solving model to win exponentially with customers, employees & your bottom line.

Every decision we make, every problem we solve, or issue we act on—changes us and/or those around us in some meaningful way. It may be a decision as simple as changing the time we get up, to the employees we hire, or fire, or when and how we fire them. But it’s still a decision and should be undertaken with forethought and awareness. Decisions made with care, concern, examination, and a well-crafted problem statement result in the most consistent, and best long-term decisions.

Voices of the 21st Century

Voices of the 21st Century special edition collaborative book, personally signed by Irma Parone.

Within these pages, you’ll discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.

Behind each story is a woman brave enough to have her voice heard and bold enough to make a difference. Their stories challenge the status quo, bring to light once-dark topics, and introduce new ways of thinking.

In a recent interview, Irma shared how honored she was to be selected by WSA to join the amazing women in this book. She further said, “The thoughts of my journey as an interest to an international audience are humbling, exciting, and being quite honest a bit horrifying.”

International Best Seller on Amazon:

  • #1 Women in Business
  • #1 Biographies of Business Professionals
  • # 1 Small Business & Entrepreneurship
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