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Do Your Employees Get Upset Over Angry Clients? Prepare Them for the Opportunity to Shine, Then Recognize Their Value!

Working with the public can be difficult. Everyone is not as nice as we would like, but that’s a prime opportunity to shine.

Almost anyone can handle the friendlies! However, those that can calm the angry customers and turn them into loyal fans are golden! Not sure how?

Start with your mindset., and then your teams. Educate everyone that touches your end-users. Be determined to turn upset customers into loyal fans. Then, help each other work through scenarios with positive endings. It’s not always about who is right, but rather how to resolve the problem.

Here are some suggestions that may help.

  1. Understand the end goal. Turn the upset customer into loyal fans.
  2. Never take a complaint personally, regardless of how it seems.
  3. Keep a calm voice.
  4. Show empathy and urgency to resolve the situation. Indifference is the #1 killer.  Listen and apologize for the situation, then focus on resolving the problem. “I am very sorry, Ms. Smith; let me look into that right away.”
  5. Listen and apologize for the situation, then focus on resolving the problem. “I am very sorry, Ms. Smith; let me look into that right away.”
  6. Then do it, and follow up until resolved with the customer.

And, remember to share lessons learned, and recognize employees who met the challenge with success! Continue to learn, adapt, adjust, learn and educate.

A few questions, when I work with teams on this topic, include;

Q: What if the client is wrong?

A: Same goal!

Q: What if they want something unreasonable?

A: List options. How will each impact the customer, the employees, and the company? This is what I call the WinX3 strategy. Remember the mindset: Turn the angry customer into a loyal fan. Of course, at times, we must learn how to say no, but there may be options that at first glance are not obvious. The point is to know the goal, assess options with WinX3, then do what’s best.

Q: We deal with angry customers all day, every day. How do we find the time?

A: Your issues may be internal.  Your employees, your leaders, or your processes. Or you may have B’rules (Bull Shit Rules). If you don’t fix the root cause of the problem, you will never resolve these issues.

Dealing with difficult situations is a part of life. So be prepared, and be awesome! The fastest opportunity to shine is to efficiently and effectively face problems.


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