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If You Want To BE Big, THINK Big!

Start with crazy. Settle for outrageous. And then strategically plan with a laser focus.


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Tired of the same old process? Same weak results? Want to shake things up? Look beyond the norm. Get a little crazy next year.

If you have not set your 2017 goals yet, you should be working on them soon. Most people are aware of how to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Dump that R (Realistic), just for now. Or better yet don’t even start writing your goals until you first determine your BIG goal. What??????

“If you want to be big, think big!” – Irma Parone

Start with a BIG Goal Brainstorming Session. In addition to inviting people who are highly successful in your field, you may consider including a trusted successful business mind who knows little to nothing about your industry. If at all possible add trusted clients or other people who ‘use’ these services (the biggest experts of all).

Of course, you also want your most passionate team members participating in this first session.  Not only do team members often know more than we do and have fantastic input, but when actively involved there is a natural buy-in.

Facilitated correctly, ‘ Big Idea Sessions’ can be a lot of fun and highly productive. The goal of this team is to infuse you with BIG ideas. Crazy ideas. Outrageous ideas even if (especially if) they would never work.  Use a flip chart or grease board and have a volunteer write the ideas as you are creating energy and synergy.  Stay in that room until you have a specified LARGE number of ideas.    Be very clear on your questions for the group. You can keep it simple such as;

What crazy, wild, hit it out of the park ideas will create unbeatable customer loyalty?

It is important to unleash your group’s creativity by giving clear permission to yell out crazy ideas during this session. At first, participants may be hesitant and hold back.  Often the most dynamic ideas start with crazy unmanageable input . Explain with detail of how synergy works.

When I facilitate brainstorming sessions, my rule is that whoever does not generate a lot of ideas, including foolish ideas, will not be invited back for future similar meetings.  Everyone should have fun creating this list. You may want to hand out some fun awards.  Craziest idea awards are always fun!

 After you have exhausted your list, narrow it down. Keep the pages or transfer the information for later review and discussion. Ponder the ideas for a few days.  

Conduct another session with your immediate team to determine your BIG CRAZY goal for 2017.  This will be the difficult meeting.  Remember, it is ok (and almost necessary) to have knock down, drag out (not literally of course) disagreement during this session. The key is that the team walk out of that room in support of and excited about the final decision.

Now, back to the R (Realistic).  Once you know what you want, it’s time to get back to setting those critical goals that will make it all come together.  Yes, be realistic. Remember to work through what help and resources you need (BIG is never accomplished alone), and how to stay on point.

The purpose of this article is to consider shaking things up a bit and push outside the norm.  You just might create more than you ever thought possible.  What would you have advised Walt Disney when he first imagined Disney World.  Most would probably have told him he was CRAZY.

Start with crazy. Settle for outrageous. And then strategically plan with a laser focus.

Wishing you holidays filled with love, health, and a new year that outrageously crazy inspirations come true!

Oh, P.S.  When you create a Disney World type business, remember Parone Group.  Hey, I think big too!

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