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High-Value Employee Success: Who Is In Charge?

Be the example your company will be proud of and your customer will love!

professional-black-businessmanI typically write to a high-level leadership audience, but the truth is, at the end of the day, the employee is in charge and in control of their own outcome.

Does your supervisor help you stretch to the next level? Does your company have high non-negotiable standards? The type of standards that provide high-value service which you are proud to be associated? Do they expect the very best of you?  Do they help you?

If not, you may not have seen yourself at your best. Don’t wait. Take charge!

I learn so much from companies and their customers by asking a couple simple questions.   “Who is, or was your favorite employee or service worker?” (and) “What specifically did they do to earn your very best rating?”

Forget your title! There are emergent leaders all over. Be great! Do great! Make a difference. Be the example your company will be proud of and your customer will love! Ask your boss and your client who the best was, and then for every bit of detail. Train, continue your development. Learn how to better communicate and articulate. You may be doing the right stuff, in the wrong way! A small tweak may move you from ok, to great.  If you never ask, you just may never know.

Never stop learning, asking questions, and finding resources to help you become your personal and professional best!

And while I am writing to employees – never, ever speak poorly of your company. Such unprofessional dialogue makes you look weak. After all, if you hate the company, why don’t you provide helpful support? Then, if all else fails, leave! Otherwise, most will assume you are too lazy to look for a better job, or you have tried, and no one else is interested.  You might try to claim that you stay because you love your client so much, but that is just (sorry) BS!

Always be loyal to your company and then together create great service for your customer. Split loyalty is not only unprofessional; it is disgraceful.  Lower yourself to those standards, and it is hard to come back.

Not one company is perfect (oh and by the way, neither are we!!) so recognize your value and find synergy for winning solutions.  Become a highly valued employee or leave. Do it for your company, for their customers, but mostly for you!

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