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How to Attract Great Applicants, For Free

Where most recruiting goes off course is the mindset that recruiting is only about the unemployed. Not true. It is about the employed who love what they do, with no intention (right now anyway) of leaving. Plant many seeds here!

How do we attract qualified, engaged professionals (without killing our recruiting budget)?


“You had the power all the time, my dear” – The Wizard of Oz


The answer is, respect & effect chitchat!  WHAT???  Chitchat about our company! Conversations that are forming our reputation in the work community. 


From where?  Primarily, our employees.  Employees, alumni, and even vendors.  They have cause to know first-hand if we have a great place to work, or not.   Free advertising–  want it or not.

Did you know

Employees are three times more credible than the CEO when talking about working conditions.  And, when we have raving fan alumni, well that’s power.  I mean, what can an x-employee lose by providing honest feedback? Not much. Make sense?  Of course!

So why is there so much chitchat

Most chitchat is not malicious or even intentional.  In fact, it is common. Think for a moment of how often YOU get into conversations about work.  You just might be shocked if you really paid attention.

And what kind of chitchat happens at home? We spend such a large part of our lives and energy at work, so we naturally discuss our work days with loved ones.  I talked to a woman whose husband recruited (without intention) two people for her employer.  He just mentioned how happy she was with her job.  Casual chitchat.

Where do people chat about their company

EVERYWHERE.  One of the first questions we often ask when meeting people is “where do you work”?  It’s chitchat, small talk.  It happens AND ALWAYS WILL.

Where we go off course

Most companies go off course with a mindset that searching for applicants is only about the unemployed, and through recruiters. Not true.  It is about the employed who love what they do. They have no intention, right now anyway, of leaving. These are great connections.

So, let’s shift gears and control the outcome

If we want a great business, we realize we must be great at servicing customers. So then, it makes sense that If we want great applicants, we need to be great at servicing our employees.

What’s the next step? Where do we start? A few thoughts

  1. You know where your support system it is weak. Fix it. Be sure that every department is accountable. Provide the internal processes and support your employees need to service their customers. Earn the reputation of being a great employer, spoken of in highest regards. By the way, this alone will bring many benefits.
  2. Talk to your current employees that love what they do and appreciate you as an employer.  Remind them that there are many opportunities to plant seeds.  Ask them to keep an eye out for and connect with talent.  And, when asked about their work,   add a compelling story.  Oh, and NEVER suggest faking it!  If you want loyalty, earn it! 
  3. Take a deeper dive with industry associations. For example, Property Management companies who attend CAI –  Security companies who attend ASIS – etc etc should not ONLY focus on relationships with potential customers.  These meetings are great opportunities to connect with ‘future applicants’ that don’t realize your value, yet.  Make sure they know your stories. Become the top of mind option when they are ready to take the leap. Plant many seeds here!

To attract great, be great. Grow your internal raving fan base.  Start at the top, and help each member of your team be their very best.  The benefits are massive and help your employees,  your customers, your company, oh and yes – your chitchat

Need to grow? Raise the bar! Call Parone Group for strategies that motivate customers and employees to not only stay with you – but also highly recommend you to others. 

Let us help you and every member of your team boost the customer experience.

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