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Let’s refocus: What is your goal? Your goal is NOT to spend countless hours reviewing resumes. Your goal is to find great applicants. Reduce those 200 resumes to 25 great resumes.

Overworked Businessman at Desk

Throughout the years of looking for the right match for open positions, I struggled. I’m sure you have as well.

It doesn’t matter how great your processes are if you don’t have the right team to execute.

Looking for that PERFECT fit for the role is challenging and just sucks so much of management time, leaving little to no time to focus on your customers and growth. Ever see yourself struggling with this exact scenario?

Below are some ideas that might help, especially for key leadership positions.

  1. Ask for a video cover letter. WHAT YOU SAY? Yes, a video cover letter

Will this requirement reduce the number of resumes you receive?

Of course!

Let’s refocus: What is your goal?  Your goal is NOT to spend countless hours reviewing resumes.  Your goal is to find great applicants. Reduce those 200 resumes to 25 great resumes. This is a great opportunity for applicants to share their enthusiasm for the role of which they are applying.  To show their passion for being a part of your values and mission.  To show they are willing to go over and beyond the norm.   (Or NOT)

But, you might ask, what if the good ones will not take the time or the effort to create the video? Maybe they are not as great as you once thought. Oh and heads up, good thing you didn’t hire them. If you want a team of self-disciplined managers that you will entrust with massive responsibilities, start screening before you waste your time with countless interviews.

Also be sure to ask all of the right questions when you interview. Below are a couple of the ideas you heard if you watched my free High-Value Service webinar:

  1. When hiring, look for what YOU want them to do…. not ONLY what they have done  

Picture them in the future, in THAT role for which you are hiring. Often companies think that a person with a good resume is a great find. That is not always true, even if they come with an excellent employment reference. There are many reasons that a seemingly “great” employee will fail miserably with you. How might you ask?

  • Was the previous position one that better fit her skills and strengths?
  • Did the former company have low standards?.

Of course, you want to hear about their experiences, as their past will tell you a lot about predictive behavior. But it is also important to ask questions that relate to what you want.

  1. And remember, BE THE EMPLOYER OF CHOICE!

That does NOT mean the employees are permitted to do what they want, or does it? Hummmm. ONLY if it is also what a High-Value company would expect. You see the right person is self-disciplined. They value your culture and your standards because they fit perfectly. And they will be proud of the work you have all accomplished – together.  Work on your culture. BE the favorite.  And screen out the non-desirables BEFORE you waste your time with interviews.


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