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Learn How to Earn Loyalty – Guaranteed in Three Quick Steps

This post is the shortest I have and probably will ever write.  You see, unless you are a dog who is always loyal to its master, loyalty must be earned.  These steps are guaranteed to help you know exactly the person you want to become, and then how to become them!  Further, these steps are simple and easy to follow.

Step 1:  Sit quietly, turn off any distractions, and write (or enter) a list of those to whom you are loyal.  That means that if they need you, there would not be a second of hesitation.  These people have touched you in a way that will quickly bring them to mind.

Step 2:  Write (or enter) why you feel such loyalty to these people.  These are compelling stories that can’t be questioned.  Their actions have nothing to do with perfection.  These people have as many flaws as you or I, yet, you will never forget how they supported you or your cause.

Step 3:  Do that!

For added reinforcement, keep those to whom you are loyal close to you.  Their names on your screen saver.  Their phone number under favorites.   Stay connected.  When you are problem-solving ask yourself how they would react.  Become the person you want to be, and then say thank you and pay it forward.  Be that role model that helped you, help others.


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