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Love You, HATE Your Staff. You ARE FIRED!

February 23, 2016

Standing in line at a grocery store last night, a lady was talking to someone on the phone, and the conversation went something like this:

“I have gone to Dr. X for YEARS.  I love, and trust her, but I’m done! When I call and leave a message, I expect a return call.  Period.  Besides that, I’m tired of waiting so long every time I have an appointment.  And it’s too far away. I found another doctor today!”

WOW, when our customers get upset there is a snowball effect similar to our personal relationships.  Those little things that are just small irritants’ seem to grow when we are angry, right?

I had some time to chat with this lady after her call (the line was moving very slow).  As I asked some questions she mentioned that her relationship with this doctor kept her there after the 2nd staffs blunder, but “I don’t need this, apparently they just don’t care” she went on to say.  How long was this doctor her primary caregiver you might ask?  At least 15 years.  WOW. And remember, she loved the doctor but was so frustrated with the staff.

Competent, caring staff is critical to any business.  How frustrated are your customers?  You probably have no idea.  You see, most people don’t even share frustrations.  They simply leave.

96% of customers don’t complain. However, 91% of those will leave and never come back. – 1 Financial Training Service

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