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One Simple Way To Engage Your Employees

“One kind action may be remembered forever.Find opportunities, routinely”- Irma Parone

It’s the little things, as they say! This photo reminds me of a relationship built, or probably better said – a positive impression made – over one little action.

Quite a few years back when I was the Sr. VP of a Security Guard Company I met a new employee who was excited about his new puppy.

The story:  When I visited with clients, myself and the Branch Manager routinely stopped to check in on the Security Officer.  One day, while at our Tampa branch, I met one of our new employees.

When meeting employees of course I would ask about the job; our company; and their post (assignment) but I also try to get to know them a little deeper.  Outside of work, I would say, what do you LOVE to do?

This particular officers’ entire demeanor changed.  He almost glowed. “Just got this new dog and what a joy he has been” he said.  I asked to see a photo, and while flipping through his phone he went on and on about the joy he his family were having with this little guy.  Before we left to see the client, I welcomed him to our team and wished him luck both with his new career – and – that new little bundle of joy.

A couple months later preparing to visit this same client location, I asked the Branch Manager if this employee was on the schedule.  Learning he was, I picked up a very small dog toy.

When we stopped by to see the employee, of course, I asked about his puppy.  Once again he lit up!  When I told him I bought the puppy a little present you would have thought I gave him a million dollars.

Long story short, the Branch Manager would frequently tell me that this employee always asked about me.  “He loves you, OVER A $5.00 DOG TOY!” the manager often proclaimed.

The lesson I learned?  The small act that the 20 minutes of time and $5.00 or $6.00 cost was a great investment .  As I assessed the impact, as well my ongoing research on employee engagement I believe it simply made the employee feel special.  Someone thought about him and did something unexpected.  That simple.

Our employees ARE special.  They are our MVPs.  Of course there are many areas we must focus on to drive a winning team, but make no mistake that the little things do matter.  Talk to your team about finding opportunities to let them know just that.

“One kind action may be remembered forever.
Find opportunities, routinely”
– Irma Parone


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