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Struggling to find the right employees through your current hiring process? Do you keep experiencing the same turnover, conflict, and poor performance?

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Who We Are

Who is the GROUP in Parone Group? We have a bench of more than 15 strategic partners who can support our clients.

These partners, screened for highly valued customer loyalty, cover diverse expertise from human resource and hospitality management, custom software development, personnel assessment tools and reviews, background screening, payroll,  interview selection certification programs for multiple hiring locations, and so much more!


Your Business Challenges, Our Business Solutions

Are you struggling with a lack of growth or frustrated with challenging employees? Are you tired of kicking that same can down the road with little to no results, or, trying ideas that don’t provide results? Are you taking control of the situation? Make the decision to make a difference – today.


How We Work

Our 6-step P.A.R.O.N.E. PROCESS will determine the root causes for your particular challenges. This understanding will lead us to processes and strategies that will resolve the challenges. We will then work hand in hand with you as much or as little as your preference and budget dictates.


Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Consultant

Irma Parone is a sought-after leadership consultant, certified speaker, best-selling author, and CEO of Parone Group.

She has over two decades of experience helping companies improve customer and employee retention, improve accountability, reduce wasted time, and focus on what matters most to raise their bottom line.

A graduate of Cornell University’s Industrial Relations Studies Program and Institute of Organizational Development OD Certified Professional, she is a continual learner! Parone is constantly searching for improved ways to help you!

Create the type of loyalty where customers and employees not only stick with you but also highly recommend you to others, with Parone Group.


Now Available!

WINX meets it’s promise.  It is an eight step problem solving model to win exponentially with customers, employees & your bottom line.

Every decision we make, every problem we solve, or issue we act on—changes us and/or those around us in some meaningful way. It may be a decision as simple as changing the time we get up, to the employees we hire, or fire, or when and how we fire them. But it’s still a decision and should be undertaken with forethought and awareness. Decisions made with care, concern, examination, and a well-crafted problem statement result in the most consistent, and best long-term decisions.