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Smile. Be That Person Others Want in Their Circle

Have you ever noticed how certain people can light up your day? They can exude happiness (and possibly fun) in almost every encounter. The entire atmosphere changes when they are around.

Or possibly their impact is a bit more subtle yet still – makes your day. Maybe it’s your favorite co-worker or boss who simply takes a moment to stop by to say hello and check on you with sincerity.

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how employees or co-workers feel when you are around.  Are you that person people want to be around, or the one that people go out of their way to avoid.

Be kind, be fun, and make a difference.  It really is simple.  Start with a genuine smile and time allowing, take it from there. It will also help you have a better day.  In fact, with consistency you can change your life!

If you are still struggling, look around.  Just maybe you need a new circle of friends to lead the way.


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