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STOP: How To Fight Election Challenges With Character & Purpose

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How do you solve problems? We all have our style. Some don’t solve them at all, but rather make them worse. Turning people against us does not cause the problem to go away.

TEST: Try very hard to change the election results by fighting with someone. Go ahead and take 30 minutes.  Fight with your business associates, or friends and family. Ok, now step back. Did the election results change?

I see and hear people turning their backs and viscously attacking people, including those they love and care for deeply. My question is to what end?

Let’s assume they were wrong. Do we sell our children or divorce our spouse when they make a mistake? Ok, if the mistake is HUGE, possibly we get a divorce, and that might fix the problem. Sorry to say, you can’t divorce the President. And you surely can’t impeach by fighting with people around you!

Each citizen has the right to vote – as they choose – respect that choice. Where you disagree with that choice, don’t believe they are stupid or unworthy of your love. They may have been misinformed. But, how do we know that we were not the ones misinformed? Of course, we all think we are aware more than ‘the other side,’ but who knows! Truly.

We don’t know, what we don’t know.

When talking to leadership teams regarding their training programs as well as disciplinary issues, I suggest that they NEVER ask the question: “Do you understand”? Rather, I suggest the person is asked to restate; demonstrate, and go through effective processes that ensure their audience or employees are clear on both the direction and the reason.

People do the best with what they know, and when they know more, they do better. – Maya Angelo

Ok, back to the angry and upset person who is attacking people. If these people were wrong, or right, what do you really want – right now? What do you need to push through this challenge?

Revisit the best solution to the problem. I’m not suggesting that you must agree, simply have some empathy or at least try to understand. 

My hope is that those who seem a little out of character right now will reconsider, and those who were attacked show empathy and understanding. Then, move forward with character and purpose.

I am well aware that I don’t have all the answers – and – I encourage ideas.

If I meet my goals with all of this, I will do so with purpose wrapped in kindness. I believe we all choose a ‘united nation,’ and that’s a great place to start.

If you are up for more reading, I leave you with my thoughts in the following post well before any of us knew the outcome of the election;


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