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Stop Losing: Get Out Of Your Own Way!

You are the CEO of your life so think like one and create your destiny.

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January 2017 is approaching, and many are working on their New Year Resolutions. Here is an idea. Work on thinking different.

Employees:  Not the star employee?  Hate your boss and your company? If you want a promotion and wonder why you keep getting passed by, ask your boss because clearly what you have been trying has not worked.  And be sure she/he knows you want guidance (the brutal facts) on areas needed for development. Think different, think big. Take charge.  You are the CEO of your life so think like one and create your destiny.   At the risk of being repetitive let me be clear, you don’t need a “yes man,” you need someone that cares enough to push you past mediocracy and into greatness.  If your company is not willing to help you, then seek a more professional company.  I have suggestions. And if your company does comply and provides the brutal facts that you need to move up, don’t get defensive.  Say thank you, and get’er’done!

Managers:  If you are a business owner or manager and can’t figure out why your team is not on top of their game, get out of your own way. Being the “boss” is not impressive.  Helping your customers, your employees, and your company all win is impressive.   Remember that your staff is a direct reflection of your leadership.   If you don’t know what to do and are not willing to develop your leadership skills, then get out of leadership because it is just not your strength.  Don’t despair as we all have great strengths; we just may need to help you pinpoint yours.  I have worked with a great strengths coach.  She is amazing so let me know if you would like connected.  That being said if you do feel passionate about leadership but need guidance, take action now. Don’t put it off until the time is right.  The time IS right.  There is help there, but it all starts with you!

Make the decision to make a difference today. – Irma Parone


Parone Group is a support system for executives and their teams.  We partner with you to determine very precisely what you want and need vs. what you have.

Next, we identify and walk you through the processes, tools, and resources required to pull it all together and work with you as much or little as you need or request.

From creating a high-value culture to connecting you to resources for temporary virtual assistants, we are your one stop shop. We save valuable time and provide the solutions and support that help maximize performance & profitability.

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