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Hate Feedback? Stop Sticking Your Head In The Sand!

Be known as one that is interested, and listens. NOT with the people who think like you, after all, you have your own thinking down to perfection.

If asked, would your employees, customers or associates say that you are open to feedback, or to stay far far away?

Do those that avoid feedback believe that everything is great simply because they run from adversity?  Or maybe they believe they know it all and really do not care what others think. Or, maybe they don’t know how to respond?

Many do not want to hear, what might help the most.  Our employees –  those people closest to the customer often know so much more than we do from a different angle.   As do our clients. Those that are affected by our service or product can provide such critical strategy feedback. But, what good is it if we don’t want to hear their thoughts and of their observations?  Hate to give you the bad news, but here it is; If we need to fix things, the sooner – the better.

We need to shake things up occasionally – and those that push us outside of our comfort zone can help do just that. Seek those people, create opportunities and respond so that the feedback will continue. Be known as one that is interested, and listens to other viewpoints.  NOT with the people who think like us, after all, we have our thinking down to perfection.

Listen then ask enough questions to really understand the opinion.   I understand hurt feelings. I do. I want to be perfect too, but what I want more is to have caring friends and associates that want to help me grow. I can’t do that by sticking my head in the sand.

Try this on for a change; Don’t be hurt because they disagreed but rather be proud and grateful that they cared enough to reach out and help.

Oh yes, I know that these opinions are not always correct, however, worst case, the person has the wrong perception. You know what they say, right? Perception is their reality. Possibly you can consider inviting the person to your office to review their idea.

Was the feedback from a survey?  If it was a confidential 3rd party survey with the right questions you probably have great information. Gather the participants and work WITH them to find solutions.

If they are on target with a problem, yet their solutions don’t work as stated, tell them that you like their concept but face some struggles that you would like to run by them. WOW, THE BIG BOSS WANTS TO STRATEGIZE WITH ME? OMG!  The value THAT brings to an employee is immeasurable.  And, the synergy could prove to be invaluable. So suck it up – push past your ego and do something about the problem or idea. We are not perfect. ( Ok, that hurt a little (smile).)

If you do listen to feedback, regardless of the outcome, say thank you. Appreciate their efforts and support and encourage continued efforts.  We all need people who care enough to step out and help. They may just be the key to push us forward from good to amazing.  Only when we face reality can we make our biggest leaps.  And PS, winning together is much more fun than doing it alone!


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