Stop The Churn of New Hires

Are you losing new employees as fast as you hire them? The cost, time, and effort of hiring are frustrating and impact the rest of your staff and your customers.

Often, we need to remember a key to holding onto new employees: bringing the entire team into play. Sure, you already introduce them, but that is not really the intent here.

Think about one of your first days at a new job. You knew no one; you probably felt incompetent and uncomfortable, even if you came from the same industry. How comforting would it have been to feel truly welcomed by your teammates? To not feel ‘alone’.

Honestly, peer connection is as important (in many cases, even more important) than a connection to you! – sorry!

Talk to your team. Spend time talking through the importance of helping new employees feel welcomed. Brainstorm ideas. Have fun with it. Talk to the new hire at the end of the day and ask how they feel about their job. Do that every day for a week. If they mention someone, keep track. Celebrate those employees who help your new employees ‘feel’ welcomed. It may not completely stop it, but I assure you it will help.


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