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Stop – Watch & Listen: 5 OVERLOOKED Middle Management Mistakes

Every member of our team has a unique and critical role in our organization. These employees have the obligation to provide immense value to team members and/or customers.  But, our job is to lead them to success.

Five (5) of the INDIVIDUAL leadership problems often missed when working with middle managers include;


  • The need to be perfect: Pretending that everything is perfect does not make it so.   Make sure that your team (especially new supervisors) know it’s ok to need help, and in fact, communication with us about those needs  is expected.  The need for perfection slows everything down; makes us stagnant, and is, well, boring!  Fear of stepping into the next phase of our development stops progress.  Further, fires erupt quickly and without warning because problems and mistakes are hidden.


  • Resistance to change:  For major overhauls, help employees by first breaking down required change into steps, and then work with them on creating a plan over time.  Further, if the employee can help shape the change process, even better.  Involve them – just make sure you (and they) are clear on expected results.


  • Time management Too often employees are not clear on their responsibilities.  When their time is spent in the wrong areas, they fail to perform as expected.  Help each identify & resolve the root cause of their inefficiencies.  Planning and organization around important  and proactive tasks (not just the urgent issues), will make the biggest difference.


  • Difficult conversations: Communication is not always easy.  There are times that we must share information that our employees (or even clients) don’t want to hear.  Still, do so with values focused leadership, empathy & kindness.  The goal of the conversation is not to make enemies.


  • Failure to problem solve:  All choices have consequences, including those we refuse to make.

And of course, sometimes WE are the problem. Are WE problem solving? How many of you are suffering with the same problem, year after year. Taking the occasional stab at resolving but then – resorting once again to kicking the can down the road. How is that working? Every time I have worked with an employee or client on resolving that HUGE problem, they have been grateful. It is rarely even close to the difficulty imagined.  Make a decision and get the help to work out the kinks.  Are we developing our own skills? We can’t help others if we don’t help ourselves.

One goal I am proud of accomplishing each year is to invest in and work on my own growth & development. Although I hope no one will share this with my husband,  I am not perfect. (Don’t tell! smile).  The good news….. in the process of working on my imperfections,  I have also learned from and connected with some of the most amazing coaches, trainers, scientists, and so on. There is a lot of great talent out there, and I am always on the lookout for more!

Create your plan of progression and help your employees do the same. If you need help, reach out! It would be my honor to work with you, or point you to some of those amazing people that have helped me!


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