Ileana Fay
Florida Palm Construction

From the first time I heard Irma speak, I knew that I needed her value and wisdom brought to my organization. Irma’s has a hands on approach to work individually with her clients, and she helped in every situation she was brought to – whether it was one-on-one coaching, team brainstorming sessions, or team building events. She has been an incredible asset to our small business, and many of what she has taught us we continue to practice regularly. Her knowledge base is so wide that there is not a people, process, or purpose issue that I did not feel comfortable bringing up with her in our sessions.

I will forever treasure Irma’s input in our organization. She helped us through difficult times, helped us grow to where we are today, and is someone that I know I can always call.

Katalina Cruz
Managing Director
KW Property Management & Consulting
Irma has changed my personal and professional life. Working with her on a weekly basis has truly helped to elevate the level of service that we are delivering to our employees and clients. We have worked on numerous initiatives to enhance our culture and accountability. Irma is always available, is patient, listens, and adds value. I would highly recommend Irma to any organization.

Robert Catalano
Co-Founder & President
The Spearhead Group
I have known and worked with Irma for many years in the capacity of a personal coach and business advisor. One of Irma’s greatest talents is asking the right questions to drive down to what truly is the root cause of any challenge, and by doing so, turn it into an opportunity. I absolutely feel I’m both a better business owner, and a better person, having Irma on my side. I highly recommend any company wanting to be better, reach out to Irma.

Aimee Tarte, M.Ed.
Lady & the Mug

As a client, I cannot put into words what Irma of Parone Group has done to create a solid and functional foundation for Lady and the Mug. Prior to finding Irma, I tried to google things, read books, listen to podcasts, etc., with ongoing frustration.

Irma is accessible and guides me through every dilemma from frustration with my coffee superheroes to increasing guest loyalty. She is knowledgeable on every topic you can imagine, and will create a custom plan for whatever you are looking to improve. She also has the best business resources that she has screened and trusted. Her value is unmatched and truly has helped me take my business to such a high level that I could not have ever dreamed to achieve.

Roxana Dorigo
Executive Director of Association Finance
KW Property Management & Consulting

Not long into working with Irma, I realized the impact of her sessions. Meetings take up at least 60% of my time and were unproductive. She helped me restructure my meeting processes; determine who should attend each meeting; as well as accountability measures. Now everyone comes prepared, the sessions flow, and everyone participates. We get things done! She also assisted me in keeping track of deliverables and measure my team’s performance.

Irma also helped me navigate through difficult discussions, with difficult employees as well as established a method by which I hold them accountable. I am happy to report they are genuinely well-rounded superstars now. I most highly recommend Irma.

Jack Collins Vice President Securitas, Inc.
Jack Collins
Vice President
Securitas, Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Irma Parone for over 15 years.  She worked in Administrative roles, Labor Relations Manager, Operations Manager, and Vice President. She earned her consistently upward mobile career path by focusing on her duties and always trying to make improvements in the organization.  Her strongest competency was her ability to relate to everyone from the front line worker, to Senior Management and Clients.

She always had a way to make everyone in the organization feel important and, in fact, feel like the organization couldn’t function without them.

In spite of her people focused approach she was also focused on financial results.   Her ability to find room for employee benefits, while squeezing maximum profit from her unit was amazing.

At one point, while she was recruited away for an extremely good opportunity, I acquired a poor performing branch.  Our customer retention rate was at 51.8%.  Fortunately, we were successful in our attempts to rehire Irma.  In slightly over a year, she turned the customer retention rate from 51.8% to 93%, and, moved the branch ranking (includes financials) from 2nd from the bottom, to 3rd from the top of the entire division.

I was fortunate to work with Irma for so many years and I can honestly say she was a major factor in my career success.

Leonard A. Kline COO Weiser Security Services, Inc.
Leonard A. Kline
Chief Operations Officer
Weiser Security Services, Inc.

I’ve worked with Irma Parone for 15+ years.

Irma has incredible zeal to root out the cause of problems & link processes to turn those situations around. Simply, she’s a turn-around artist.

The World Famous Gallup organization twice ranked her business unit in their “World Class” category for workplace quality.

She left our organization at the top of the most important rankings.

Irma’s never ending energy, analysis, & know how will make a difference for you as well, resulting in positive business outcomes.

Chris Cavallo
@CSI Secure Solutions
Irma provided supervisory development training for our employees as a favor and made an immediate impact on our culture.  We had offered her three positions before she agreed to come on board.  She worked with us for approximately one year, at which time her prior employer aggressively recruited her back to their employ.

We have remained connected through the years. and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any company that is interested in a great culture, and a highly performing team.

Gary Crivelli President Security Bureau Inc.
Gary Crivelli
Security Bureau Inc.

Irma exhibits incredible professionalism and drive to provide quality services. Her understanding of the needs of the client as well as the employee are pivotal to her success. She has been known to maximize the talent provided thereby developing the employee and steadily improving the service simultaneously.

Following her departure, employees of all levels remembered her for both effective leadership and kind approach.  To this date, I still get asked about her.  She was a mentor to many, and missed by all.

Brett Hyman Franchise Owner 7-Eleven
Brett Hyman
Franchise Owner

What started out as an interview for a job that never panned out has turned into a long-term bond that’s changed me. Irma Parone took me under her wing, and dared me to get better by becoming a better speaker, helping my self-confidence shine through, and holding myself to a higher level of accountability. Irma’s skill and care combined with her bubbly personality have helped me navigate the challenging world of self-improvement.

Irma’s guidance leads me far beyond my development. I am now a franchise owner, and she’s taught me to empower others so that they may benefit from our relationship. Rising tides lift all boats, so I believe that it’s my responsibility to pay it forward. Irma’s guidance is being slowly repaid on a daily basis, through my mentorship of others.

Mark Swanson FCP, FCPP, Chief Security Supervisor Electronics Services & Security Division West Palm
Mark Swanson
FCP, FCPP, Chief Security Supervisor
Electronics Services & Security Division West Palm
I had the pleasure of working with Irma Parone as a contract security client for over a decade and found her to be one of the most professional and knowledgeable people in the contract security business that I have been associated with in my 39 years in the security field. Irma was not only very responsive to any of our security concerns or problems; she has the ability to motivate her staff to resolve any problems in an effective and efficient manner. I am proud to have had a strong working relationship with Irma and I also consider myself lucky to count her as a friend who is very caring and genuine. I expect that she will make the most of any endeavor she undertakes and look forward to working with her in the future.

Aura Zelada General Manager MBA, LCAM Windsor Hills
Aura Zelada
General Manager MBA, LCAM
Windsor Hills
I am very happy to say that Ms. Irma Parone is a fabulous person to work with! She returns phone calls and emails promptly. Always has a recommendations or alternatives. She is someone that can truly think outside of the box but stay in touch with the goal being sought. I can go on and on!

Jan Sunny Simon CCP, PHR, Life & Career Coach Raise the Bar High
Jan Sunny Simon
CCP, PHR, Life & Career Coach
Raise the Bar High

I have been an affiliate of Irma’s for over five years and I can tell you right off the bat, she has my highest recommendation, but let me relate the why’s. Her work ethic and authenticity are as impressive as her accomplishments. Irma can provide organizations with effective methodologies and innovative solutions to manage change because she has lived it.

On a personal level, she impresses with her knowledge and sense of fairness. On a professional level, she makes others feel empowered by her candor, and willingness to partner and collaborate on tough challenges.

Overall Irma Parone is always a pleasure to work with. Not only does she get things done, and she excels in building great teams and also knows how to have fun along the way.

Dick Friedman Region Vice President - Retired AT&T Broadband
Dick Friedman
Region Vice President – Retired
AT&T Broadband

It has been my pleasure to work with Irma in my capacity as business consultant and professional facilitator.   In my 35 years of working with closely with managers and senior executives as colleague and consultant Irma stands out as a uniquely successful leader and business manager.

Irma is at the top of her game when it comes to achieving her business goals, and does so by maintaining trust and balance in her business relationships.   At first blush it would seem that these skills should go hand in hand but my experience tells me that it is only true in the most effective of leaders.

Irma has an uncanny ability to combine the attributes of dedication, discipline, and the instincts to make the tough call when needed, and yet be compassionate, personal and inclusive in her style.  I am very fortunate to be able to call Irma a close business confidant, and a personal friend.

Bruce Souder Consultant Florida Business Sales Executive
Bruce Souder
Florida Business Sales Executive

I worked with Irma Parone many years ago – always in the difficult service industry segment.  If your people-centric service firm is struggling to get, keep and even inspire Millennials this is a great company to connect with.   In the service-world, it’s always about the people and how to get and keep a synergistic team where things get done and everyone enjoys themselves.

The Millennials you seek are marching to the drum-beat of the Team employer concept – that place that is fun & supportive of relationships – the reason that Millennials work in the service industry…. Talk to Irma and she can help you to implement sound programs that are easily accommodated and just good business to set your ship to S-A-I-L!!!

Irma’s approach is no nonsense, expect to sail where YOU want to go. Irma and I have stayed connected, and that’s in my plans for many years to come.  She knows what she is doing, she cares and it shows though in the teams she cultivates.

Donnie Cantwell Founder Charlie Crime-Buster Crime Prevention
Donnie Cantwell
Charlie Crime-Buster Crime Prevention
Irma Parone achieves results, and helps others do the same. She is energized by creating highly accomplished teams, and can always find solutions to the most difficult obstacles. If you need positive change, quickly, call Irma Parone and the Parone Group. They can absolutely turn things around for your team. No fluff.

Judy Rubin Fashion Stylist Cabi
Judy Rubin
Fashion Stylist

I first met Irma through her association with American Business Woman’s Association (ABWA) I’m not sure exactly how we became friends, it just naturally occurred. During our acquaintance, I’ve come to know and respect Irma in many capacities.

     1. Her solid business acumen: She has been a mentor, trainer and overall advice giver and has a great shoulder to lean on.

     2.Her unwavering friendship: You know that she is there for you whenever you need help. Unquestionably, always there.

     3. Her volunteer activities: Repeat number 2. She has always been available for anything that comes up and follows through, even when life gets in the way.

I still can’t pinpoint how we became friends but it seems like we’ve always been. I’m proud to know her. Just don’t ask her to sing.

Lois Margolin Vice President Operations Chelsea Reservations
Lois Margolin
Vice President Operations
Chelsea Reservations

If I had to choose one word to describe Irma Parone it would be INVESTED!  Any organization that involves Irma is guaranteed to get 100% participation.  Irma continuously promotes her belief that customer service is the key ingredient to a healthy organization.  Irma and I are members at two organizations, and in each organization, Irma delivers whenever she commits.  If she has a business or personal need, she first checks with members within these organizations to help build their business.

As immediate Past President of the American Business Women’s Association, Coral Springs Charter Chapter and Vice President of Education of Outspoken Toastmasters, I am delighted whenever Irma says, I’ll do it.  The project will get done professionally, on time and on budget.  Irma is an asset to any organization and I highly recommend her.