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The #1 Key To Loyalty – Have YOU Unlocked It?

Imaging that! They deepen my loyalty when I have a problem with their product. Why? 

We hire people or businesses we trust will do the job as described. We vote for candidates we trust will honor their words and beliefs. We accept jobs or business with people we trust to pay and support us with a culture of fairness and respect. We fall in love and develop caring relationships with trustworthy people. We offer privileges to children that we believe will do as they promise.

As time passes, these business and relationships grow deeper, or apart. Employees are terminated; vendors replaced; politicians voted out of office; children lose privileges and 50% of marriages end in divorce. I could go on and on but I trust that you get my point.

Loyalty is the currency of trust.  I often use Apple as an example when describing loyalty. I don’t just own an Apple product; I have an orchard. Every piece of equipment in my office that can be an Apple product, is! When I have a problem with an Apple product, they deepen my loyalty.

Imagine that! They deepen my loyalty when I have a problem with their product. Why? Because when there IS a problem, they always provide quick, friendly support and always more than expected. I trust that, and they never let me down. In fact, after the warranty ran out on an older product Apple continued to provide support for this product. Imagine that with, well, you know who!

If you are in a relationship, own a business, or are a front-line employee – never underestimate the power of trust. Go out of your way, every day and in every situation to earn trust. Ensure your processes include problem solving strategies that earn loyalty. It may not always be easy, but it will be well worth the effort.