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The Best Solution To Attract Quality Applicants

“If your executive team is the only group singing your company tune, it might be time for a tune-up” – Irma Parone.

Your search for the right match has many components. Finding exactly the right person for that particular job – that round peg that fits perfectly into that round hole is not so easy, right? How can you find superstar employees when you can’t even attract the right applicants?


A great chef knows the exact ingredients he needs to make the perfect meal.  If he skips steps, not so much!  He can’t make a great meal without first starting with quality food!

And we can’t hire quality if we don’t have access to quality applicants.

Think about this scenario. We have ten openings. Our staff is overworked trying to fill the voids and HR have only eight candidates. You feel the daily pressure to service our customers. What do we do? Put the pressure on.  Hire whoever walks in the door. Get these positions filled you say!  If that is where you are, you may want to consider installing a turnstile to make it easier for the never-ending turnover!

With high turnover, you are always looking for applicants. Every time you think you are catching up, you lose a couple more employees. Where do you find enough quality candidates to stop the bleeding?

You really can’t select from no one .(and yes, I know that is a double negative). You need people to apply FIRST, and then you start your screening process.

What IS the solution to this ongoing dilemma?  Here you go, ready?

Creating a great company culture!

A culture that drives people to you because they know of your great success with a great team and stable future.

These prospective employees hear your employees singing your praise – Your reputation of a high-value service provider is obvious – and they want to be a part of the success.

Your employees know and share your values. They love doing what they do and love doing it for your company. People approach your employees to ask for favors. “Can you get me in?.”

Oh, hold on! You say you ARE a great company and wonder why you are not getting such attention? Possibly you need a way to get the word out but heads up, – “If your executive team is the only group singing your company tune, it might be time for a tune-up” – Irma Parone.

If you can’t find great applicants, there are many ways to search, but the #1 key is to become a highly valued company, an employer of choice.


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