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The Power of Direction: How to Align Your Team for Unstoppable Momentum

Picture a complex puzzle with hundreds of pieces. Alone, each piece holds little meaning, but together, they create a complete, beautiful picture.

In many ways, a business is like this puzzle. Each employee holds a piece – their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives – all essential to the company’s overall picture of success.

The Challenge of the Unassembled Puzzle

When individuals focus solely on their tasks without understanding how they fit into the wider company strategy, it’s like trying to assemble a puzzle in the dark. Each may be working diligently on their section, but if these sections don’t fit together, the final picture can never come to fruition.

This disjointed approach can lead to a lack of direction, duplicated efforts, and missed opportunities. It’s a situation well encapsulated by my philosophy that “One team, on the same train, moving in the same direction, is a powerful force.”

Crafting the Big Picture Together

To realize the full potential of your team, consider each member’s tasks as a piece of your company’s puzzle. Here’s how you can begin to fit these pieces together:

1. Share the Box Cover:

Just as a puzzle box cover guides assembly, so too does a clear and compelling company vision guide your team. Ensure everyone knows what the ‘finished puzzle’ should look like by communicating the company’s goals and illustrating how each role contributes to this vision.

2. Identify the Edges:

Start with the ‘edge pieces’ by establishing the parameters and priorities that frame everyone’s efforts. Clarify roles and responsibilities to provide a boundary within which your team can work more effectively.

3. Connect the Corners:

In puzzle-building, corner pieces are pivotal; in business, these are your cornerstone projects or clients. Ensure your team knows these priorities and understands how their work supports these key areas.

4. Fill in the Middle:

With the frame in place, help your team see the interlocking nature of their tasks. Encourage them to seek connections with the work of their colleagues, fostering a sense of interdependency and collaboration.

5. Regularly Review the Progress:

Just as a puzzler periodically steps back to see how the pieces are coming together, regularly review project progress with your team to ensure alignment and adjust as necessary.

6. Celebrate Every Section Completed:

Acknowledge when a department or individual successfully completes a section of the ‘puzzle.’ This reinforces the importance of each piece and its contribution to the overall goal.

The Result: Unstoppable Momentum

When a team is aligned, with every member contributing their piece to the puzzle, momentum builds. Tasks flow smoothly from one to the next, objectives are met with precision, and the full picture of success comes sharply into view.


To harness the true power of your team, help each member see how their work is a vital piece of the bigger puzzle. With each piece in its right place, guided by a shared vision and mutual effort, your team becomes not just a group of individuals working near each other but a unified force moving in the same direction—toward shared success and beyond.
Embrace this vision, and set your team on the path to becoming that unstoppable force your company can be proud of.
About the Author: Irma Parone is a speaker, author, and the founder and president of Parone Group. Her 4xaward-winning book WINX- The Problem-Solving Model to Win Exponentially with Customers, Employees & Your Bottom Line is available in all formats.

She is a leadership consultant who speaks for and works with organizations, including creating high-value customer loyalty, problem-solving, and decision-making for leaders, time management, and focus. She has a partner group that extends to numerous topics. Reach out to Irma on LinkedIn or directly at 954-464-6689 or


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