Try Something Different this Thanksgiving

How can you possibly make this Thanksgiving beautiful, warm, loving, and memorable? This year. The year of fear of infection, the pain of separation, the frustration of financial struggles for so many?
This year has been rough for so many, including me, yet I am so grateful for so much. I did not post during my chemo sessions this year. Through losing my hair. Through bone pain and exhaustion. Why? Because I looked around me and saw so many, so far worse.
I was blessed to have great doctors; a supportive husband and another friend who even shaved their head when I lost my hair; the most amazing supportive friends who were by my side every step of the way; and a hopeful prognosis. On the other end, I met so many whose horrific stories literally made me cry.
Although I had to slow down a bit, I maintained an adequate income and so much joy working with clients excited to create change. Willing to take complicated steps, and they are rock’n it! Their drive and my passion kept me in the game. It gave me the energy to push forward. And now I am running full speed ahead.
Most everyone has many reasons to be grateful. Look for them. Don’t let the negatives pull you down. Feeling a bit alone and separated this year? Try something different. Here are just a few ideas;
  1. Call someone and give them specific details on why they made a positive impact on your life. They will remember your kind words for the rest of their lives.
  2. Forgive someone. It does not matter whose fault it was. Be the bigger man (person). Push past it!
  3. Review this with your family and ask them to come up with an idea unique to them. ( I would love to hear back from you. Please do share).
  4. Help those less fortunate. Not sure who? There are so many. Here is a couple to consider.
Kindness Shared Happiness Squared supports children and animals. For example, my last contribution was to a foster boy through their birthday club. Many of these kids have never had a birthday party. Can you imagine?

Another of my favorites is Lady & The Mug, and owner Aimee Tarte recognized and awarded the 2020 Business Excellence Award by the Coral Springs Economic Development Office. “Heart.…/urn:li:activity…/ I remember the first time Aimee literally drove around picking up homeless people to bring back and feed. It scared me, but I was wrong. It was an honor to meet these people when they arrived. Feel bad that you don’t have everything you want? What if, like these people, you didn’t have everything you NEED?

If you are having a bad year, look around. You will be grateful, as am I. Where ever you are, whatever you do – have an incredible, memorable, grateful, forgiving, and if you can – giving Thanksgiving. Who knows, you may even start a new tradition!
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