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Unintended Consequences of this “DO GOOD Employer”

I have written about this client due to her generosity and kindness. This article is different.  

 It is about the unintended consequences of her actions. Read on!  

One of many stories – – Lady & The Mug, a specialty coffee shop in Coral Springs Florida had a mission to send 20 local veterans October 19, 2019, on Honor Flight South Florida Inc.  The outcome? Success! Together, with community support, they raised $9,600.00, sending 22 local veterans and guardian residents to Washington, D.C. This amount included $800.00 to spare, donated to Honor Flight.

In Washington, D.C., these local veterans were celebrated for their bravery, service, and sacrifice; they viewed war memorials and more. It was a full day of memories that I am sure these veterans will never forget. Upon return, they finally got the welcome home many never received.

 My highest gratitude goes out to these veterans. Still, this story also shares the unintended consequences of the lessons and experiences gained by the young adults employed by Lady & The Mug.  

When I reviewed all of the heartwarming videos and photos on social media, I noticed one particular photo with Lady & The Mug owner Aimee and two of her employees (and, her chef). WOW, I thought! I did not know they (these employees, AKA coffee superheroes) were going! These kids (sorry, young adults) will remember the heartfelt experiences gained by working for Lady & the Mug for life. Working for this employer is not one experience or an occasional experience; it’s a constant focus, effort, and sacrifice to do good.

I believe that many of these coffee superheroes, long after they graduate college or move on, will turn to life superheroes just like their boss. When I fast-forward, I believe they will become the next generation of role models. To understand that statement, I need to explain. The baseline mission of Lady & The Mug is to do good. Yes, it is a coffee shop with specialty grade coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association inspects every bean for quality, and the food is locally made and organic, but, as Aimee continually reminds her coffee superheroes, this business is a front to do good. Period!

I have been a consultant for Lady & the Mug for a couple years. When I first started working with Aimee and her team, I remember clearly the first “do good” event she held. At a team planning meeting, she told us that all revenue raised that day would go to the charity she was supporting. 

Assuming it was a slip, I suggested she meant all profits would go to the charity. She promptly corrected me and clarified that she did mean all revenue.

 Puzzled, I pulled her aside and suggested she reconsider. Lady & The Mug was a new business, and Aimee risked everything for this start-up. Knowing that, and I did not recommend she take such a significant loss as she was already sacrificing losing her profits for the day. I explained it was perfectly acceptable to retain the revenue to cover her payroll (PT&I) and the cost of goods.

 To my amazement, she responded to me, without missing a beat “not gonna happen!”.

 Wow. That was Super Aimee staying true to her mission and a vision. She mapped out her goals, and no one is going to stop her from succeeding. Sacrifice is part of her game. And, by the way, she has been very successful.

 She knows when NOT to listen to her consultant. (And yes, that would be me!) 

 Aimee’s reach goes a long way. My thanks go out to her for role modeling passion, an overwhelming kind heart, and for teaching us it really is about doing good.  

You might ask yourself what example your company is sharing with the world (or simply your employees, family and community). How can you help spread the message? What actions can you take to role model? In all honesty, mine can’t touch Aimee’s, but I can tell you I have upped my game. How about you? Together we can generate exponential unintended consequences by going all in and fulfilling our mission.



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