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When Networking Groups DO Work!

Hate to tell you this, but no one goes to networking events with the intention of ‘buying’ anything. Yet, they can be extremely effective. What’s the trick?

A young woman stopped attending a networking group after a couple months because she did not get any business. “What a waste of time” she said.  Clearly this woman was attending these meetings with the wrong expectations.

Hate to tell you this, but no one goes to networking events with the intention of ‘buying’ anything.  And, no one cares about what you are selling – until of course, they – or someone they know need it!

Networking groups are for the primary purpose of developing relationships, and establishing credibility. At some point, those people will need your service or product – or, know someone else who does.  YOU want to be top of mind when that time comes.  As cliche as this sounds, people truly do business with – and refer to – people they know, like and trust.

So how do you develop trust? Why would people like you?  Easy! Help others; support them. There are many ways to support your networking buddies. We all have a sphere of influence that we can refer if we listen. We can also help in so many other ways. Find out what they need – be more than an acquaintance.  Care enough to know!

And when we do get that referral, we must do our best.   Further, never, ever forget to say thank you!

We all have a lot of competition. Be the one that people choose to support.

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