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Who is Listening? High-Value Service At It’s Best

“We are not perfect, and probably will never be! But we will never stop the effort! ” – Jim Dunn


At a recent Coral Springs Regional Chamber Of Commerce meeting, I once again had the pleasure of hearing Jim Dunn, Vice President & General Manager of JM Lexus-speak.

If you hated to buy cars (like I did!) listen up.

JM Lexus made car buying so very stress-free! So seemingly perfect, I can’t imagine having another long drawn out and draining shopping experience.

JM Lexus surveys customers. I am a client so I can vouch for that, however, most credible companies survey. Not such a big deal right? HOWEVER what most DON’T do is listen with intent and take action. Well, JM Lexus does just that!

The survey is like hitting the START button. It is an absolutely critical tool for customer service but without the follow through (analysis, decision making, and action) you can’t possibly get to results. I don’t know their goals, but most service companies would include an ongoing focus on higher satisfaction, improved service, greater levels of customer (and employee) loyalty, repeat business, and growth might be included?

Based on customer feedback, they now have a programming tool on their website called RUA which stands for Ready Upon Arrival. Here is how it works:

Customers can select their vehicle of choice online and make an offer. They collaborate with an RUA specialist to complete paperwork online or over the phone. When they arrive at JM Lexus, they take delivery of their new Lexus and go! “Easy Peasy” as my stepdaughter Heather would say!

Can you imagine? Perfect! But hold on, it gets better.

They have another program named LHD, which stands for Luxury Home Delivery. With the RUA program, you go to the dealership to pick up the key. With the LHD program, JM Lexus delivers the vehicle to your front door. Ok, THAT’S a big WOW!

I know that seems like the end of these great ideas, but there is another program, which just may be the best of all three.

If you are a business owner, they have preferred pricing for you, including parts & labor. In fact, this preferred pricing is offered for every employee in your company. JM Lexus also provides the LHD Luxury Home Delivery for service visits. What does that mean? Glad you asked! When your vehicle is due to be serviced, they will pick it up in the morning at your office, and return it at the end of the day.

Can there be more? Yes indeed!

I love my Lexus, but never realized what a great employer they were until I spoke with one of their associates while checking my car in for service. I always ask people questions about their employment experience (after all I AM a management consultant primarily focused on service and company culture!). I was so very impressed when she spoke for over 15 minutes about how great this company was to their employees.

And, very smart I may add!

JM Lexus is owned by JM Family Enterprise, a diversified automotive company that has been in business for more than 45 years.

Mr. Dunn could not speak higher of this company. In fact, he said: ” One of the best things that ever happened to me, was the opportunity to work for JM Lexus!”.

Multiple staff speaking of how excellent a successful company is to work for is a company I plan to learn more about. I’ll keep you updated.

can tell you just from my personal dealings with JM Lexus they are amazingly service oriented – clearly focused on both their employees and customers. They know that service starts at the hub. They recognize if they don’t engage and develop their employees not much happens on the floor.

Add on their ability to stay on top of the game with creative solutions to their customer’s suggestions and you have a dynamic synergy that results in successful outcomes. Great strategies, great focus, and continued efforts.

A great scenario for ongoing success.

Two quotes I will leave you with:

“We are not perfect, and probably will never be! But we will never stop the effort! ” – Jim Dunn

I will trump your quote, Mr. Dunn.  “NO company is or will ever be perfect, but what makes JM Lexus great, is that you never stop the effort.” – Irma Parone


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