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Why Should Anyone Choose YOU? A Simple & Powerful Question!

Too much competition around you?  Finding it hard to sell business, get a job, keep customers, find and retain high-value employees?  This article is short for a reason, it is a simple question that you either can or can’t answer.

Companies:  Why specifically should your customers hire, and retain your services (or product). Why are you the best in your industry? How do your customers know that they can trust you and your employees to have their back?  How do you ensure your employees treat those customers like royalty? How many of your customers recommend you as a great service provider?

Employers: Why work for you? What specifically do you do to support, develop and engage your employees?  Do they trust you?  If not, why?  Do they promote you to others?  Would they recommend you as a great employer to their dear friends and associates?

Employees: Why keep you? What specific value do you bring to your employer and their customers?  If you were paying someone – another YOU – why would you keep that person?

Applicants: Why hire you?  What specifically makes you better than the numerous applicants applying for this same job? What did you do for your past employers that hit it out of the park, consistently and over time?

What are you doing to make a difference?  To stand out from your competition?

Raise the bar – keep raising it – keep digging and learning how YOU can get better, faster, stronger, a better value, and most important – be known as a trusted and loyal employee, employer, vendor, and applicant who brings great value.  If you can’t answer the simple question, don’t expect your customers (employer, employees, etc) to stick around for the long term.

So, again I ask –


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