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Why YOU?

I enjoy working with companies that highly value, and want the best for their employees. Companies that understand that it takes every employee, at every level of the organization to succeed.  I bet you do too!

So, what happens when employees don’t “get it”? Those that don’t see the forest through the trees? Those employees that don’t care about the value they bring to the customer, the company, and the other employees? Humm, you might think.  The same question might be asked about the company.  Yes, indeed.  In fact, when working with companies, I ask each to consider the same question, at every level of the organization.  Start with”Why YOU”?

  • As the company, why should your prospects find interest in contracting with your company?
  • As an employer, why should prospective employees apply – and why should they stay?
  • As an applicant, why should prospective employers be interested in considering you for employment?
  • And, as an employee, why should your company choose, and then retain you?

Ever notice the 3 W’s in my logo? Winx3. Three parties, three wins, very powerful

Don’t get stuck on simply analyzing your company (if you are an employee) or your employees (if you are the employer).  FIRST, consider this;  Why you?  You are the only person that can start with what matters most. The value you bring to others. Be that person, that employer, that company that is highly valued.   Only then can you be selective.  

Think about it!

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