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Worry Your Goals Are Too Challenging? Look Back First, Then Push Forward.

Thinking about charging forward with my goals for 2022 brought me back to my fight with cancer last year.

Yes, I was scared when the doctor shared my diagnosis. But being the positive person I am, I immediately said to him, “so, what’s the plan?”. And then, I focused on everything I needed to do to follow that plan and adjust where needed. Finally, at the end of a challenging journey that lasted over a very long year, my oncologist gave me the great news that I was in remission. And then he congratulated me for following through with everything: the surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, ongoing tests, and appointments.

I chuckled, thinking he was kidding. But when I jokingly asked, “who would NOT follow doctors’ orders when diagnosed with cancer? “. He explained that I would be surprised at how many don’t show up as needed, especially when the outcome is not guaranteed. Admittedly,  it was, well, let’s just say, not fun. But I was determined, confident, and blessed!

So how will this help me with my goals? Again, I know there are no guarantees; I know that achieving challenging goals will not always be fun and demands time. However, I am giving it my best.  Like the difficult cancer treatments, I am confident the result will far exceed the struggles.

I have two big goals this year.  First, to finish writing and publish a KICK BUTT book which I paused during my treatments.  I am back on it,  targeting publication for sometime around the end of this first quarter. And, second, to be accepted and complete a TEDx talk before year-end. Will I succeed in both? I’m saying yes!

I’ll be focused and remain in a constant learning mode. I’ll continue to find experts, like my surgeon and oncologist, who will help me. And, I will enjoy the journey.

Whatever your challenges or goals this year, make wise decisions and accept that there will be bumps and bruises. Look back and contemplate your worst year. You got through it. If the outcome is worth the effort,  find the support you need, and push forward!

Congratulations in advance for keeping focused and getting to the finish line. Let’s make 2022 a year we can write about with pride in 2023.

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