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Organizational Effectiveness

Are you struggling with a lack of growth or frustrated with challenging employees?  Are you tired of kicking that same can down the road with little to no results, or, trying ideas that don’t provide results?  Are you taking control of the situation?  Make the decision to make a difference – today.

From speaking engagements to working with you, to every level of your organization, we focus on your needs! We evaluate how your people, processes, and resources are directed toward the achievement of organizational aims, How every process and person at every level of your organization is driven toward your purpose.  Below are some of the challenges you may be facing and how we can help.

What do you really want?

Our first questions help both you and I determine your wants.  This is about YOU, and research tells us that humans are bad at predicting what will make them happy!  We can’t know if Parone Group or our partners are the best resources for you until we start with the basics.   Where are you?  Where do you (really) want to be?  You may or may not know the answer to that until we flush out your end goals.  Once we do, we help you or your team get and stay on track with planning and accountability.


Problem-Solving Training / Strategy Sessions:

Every significant problem we solve, or issue we act on impacts us and others, including our customers, employees, and shareholders, in some significant way.   In addition to our problem-solving 8-step process, we provide leaders and their leadership teams with strategy sessions, training, and insights to see problems from an entirely new view.

Time Management:

Have you identified the metrics most powerful for your unique business model? Have you translated them into goals and bite-size pieces to make it live for each level of your organization? We help you focus on what matters!

Most people spend 30% to 70% of their time on low-value tasks. We help you and your team focus on what matters most, to make the biggest impact.  Are you a small business with no employees?  Yes, we can help you too!

Employee Selection:

Are you an employer? Do you have multiple hiring locations?  If so, are your hiring managers at risk for making poor hiring decisions or violating fair hiring laws. What does that cost you in turnover, poor service, and litigation?  Ask about our Interview Compliance Program.

Selecting the right person is critical to successful outcomes.  What do you look for in a candidate?  If you are a small or large organization this is step one to successful outcomes.

We can provide the tools, processes, and resources that can help you identify select correctly matched employees and vendors based on the specific needs of your organization.

We help define the role of every team member and the skills and strengths required to fill those positions.

Employee Growth and Development:

How likely is it that every person, at every level of your organization, understands what is expected of them?  And, how ready is your team for company growth?  Ask about our Growth & Development Program.

Customer & Employee Retention:

We help you create trusting and lasting relationships with your customers and employees. From their first interaction with your company to glowing testimonials, get ahead by focusing on what matters.

No company can exceed customer expectations, without top talent. One team, on the same train, moving in the same direction is a powerful force! Keep employees focused by helping them understand how to meet clear goals, and then enjoy well-deserved recognition.   Help them appreciate the importance of their roles, and how to take great care of their customers, peers, and your company as you learn the same, for them!

Speaking Engagements for Corporations:

Irma speaks to groups on earning customer loyalty from every level of your organization.  See Irma’s speaker website and one sheet at

Efficient & Effective Organizational Structure:

From organizational charts to the processes and tasks for each individual on your team, we help you bring structure to your organization.

Efficient & Productive Meetings:

Do you and meeting participants feel accomplished and focused after your meetings, or as if you and all have wasted time? We help you structure your meetings to be quick and efficiently lined up to goals, objectives, and problem-solving. Creating an agenda is one piece of the puzzle, we also work with you to ensure follow-up, and we can help you learn presentation skills to create a lasting impression.

Employee Performance Indicators:

We help you measure performance without those annoying annual performance reviews. Actions that help employees know where they stand always.

We work with you to help your team win, and options to help those that are not suited to ‘move on’ to a better-matched role.

We help you celebrate employee successes and solve employee problems.

Both you and the employees know where they stand always.  This will help with better decisions.

Employee & Leadership Development:

We assess your methods to ensure your employees are well trained and engaged to provide the high-value service you and your customers expect.

We can also provide management development training; sales training, employee training, and development certification programs for your company.


From employee surveys to customer reviews and secret shopping, we can help you know what you need to know!  And then, how to find solutions to change the outcome.

Company Culture:

Our passion is helping companies create a culture that drives outrageous service levels and improves financial outcomes. We reassess company culture with the vision and heart of top executives leading the organization. We provide guidance on restructuring the people and processes with purpose. (Also ask about our online course).

Sales Strategy:

It doesn’t matter how great you are if you can’t articulate why you are the best resource.

Blending the science of creating customer loyalty with sales strategies is most often missing with sales teams.   As corny as it sounds, people DO buy from people they know, like, and trust.  We help you earn trust at the very beginning.

Connecting with Intention / Relationship Building  Tool

Make no mistake, loyalty is a feeling.  Help others love you, by sharing kindness and professionalism. We have a card and gift tool to help you connect with, thank, recognize and stay top of mind with customers, employees, and prospects.  We even have a list finder to keep you focused on the ideal customer to save your sales team time and money.  You can look at this product at  It is a product of Mailbox Power.  This is organizational effectiveness and efficiency at its best!


New Hire Compliance Programs,  Sales Training, Human Resource Management, Payroll, and more!

From Sales Training to New Hire Compliance Programs to Human Resource expertise and much much more, read about our value-added service below!


Value Added Service

Yes, there is more! A no-cost service.  Why?
Entrepreneurs start companies based on passions and capabilities and therefore, most of their focus and energy goes to what they do best.

However, “we all need so much more to pull well-functioning business together,” says Parone.

Parone Group has researched and strategically partnered with some of the best consultants, trainers, resources, and tools in the world to ensure we can exceed your expectations.  You will find both business resources, and personal solutions to support your employees in their personal lives.

We not only research before connecting you, but we also survey our clients to ensure our partners are continuously providing the services as expected.

Like what?

  • Audio Engineer
  • Background Screening
  • Branding Services
  • Career Coaching and Resume Writing
  • Career Conversations Training for Leaders
  • Custom Software Development
  • Employee Assessment Tool
  • Human Resources Audits & Support
  • Interview Compliance Program (for organizations with multiple hiring locations)
  • Marketing Services
  • Mindset Development
  • Outplacement Services
  • Payroll Services
  • StrengthsFinder Coaching /360 and StrengthFinder Assessments
  • Website Design, SEO, social media
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Various trainers, team-building events, and much more.

Our Promise:  If we do not have a resource within our group, we will, for most business services, research and then conduct screening in two areas.

  1. First, we require numerous business references that confirm that the resource provided outstanding services, as promised.
  2. And second, that the provider meets high-value customer service expectations. (Timely, courteous, meets time limits, etc.)

There is NO CHARGE for this service, from either Parone Group or the company researched.  In other words, if you go to the company directly or find them through Parone Group, the charges to you would be the same.  This research and screening are free to you!

Note: If we do not have the resource you need, and can not find a company that we have screened with an extremely high recommendation, we will not make the connection.  We would rather lose your business than disappoint.

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