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Two Realtors & Time Management

Preparing to speak to a group of Realtors on Time Management this week, I thought about two people I knew (some years back) who got into Real Estate (they said) because they wanted a part-time job that made a lot of money. They were going into this venture together. My opinion based on the conversation was they were looking for an easy way to win big.

Out of curiosity, I searched LinkedIn and Facebook last night but did not see any connection for either of them, to Real Estate.

So what does that mean? Nothing I suppose. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to work part-time. However, there is also nothing ‘easy’ about Real Estate.

Each of us should focus on the life we choose; my only suggestion is that whatever we do, we do so with vigor.  I am NOT suggesting that everyone needs to work an aggressive eight + hour schedule.

I do propose, however, that if we choose to work four hours per day or ten, to put energy in that schedule. Work hard, work smart, know your plan, focus like a laser, and enjoy.

Those are my thoughts. I would love to hear yours!

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