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Don’t Give Up On Those Gigantic Goals! Consider This..

Goals are soon to be written, and the big ones can be head-scratchers. Not giving up on yourself is easier said, than done, right? I know.  We all do.  We get frustrated, tired, feel incapable (or what ever our excuse might be for the day).  But what if you pushed through it, found answers, and accomplished your big goal?

Did you ever wonder if you were dreaming because things were falling into place so beautifully? Over the past couple of months, I have felt that most wonderful feeling. Although I have always worked hard with the typical occasional hiccups, I have mostly enjoyed the success and benefits of that focused work, yet I never felt this excited. Why?

I am not a ‘writer’. It is hard work for me. And not my top skill, by far.  But, I had a message that I wanted to share.  And I was confident if I could somehow get that word out, people would benefit.  Many people.  So I decided 5 years ago (or more) that I was going to make that happen. But, it was not easy.

My new book, published July 5, WINX, is now a 4x award winner. Yes, WINX took me over five years of struggle. Many times I thought it was impossible. But I never gave up. When I got stuck – really stuck -, and I often did – I found expert advice and support. So with that new knowledge, more work, four edits, and the help of a couple of very talented friends, I finally finished it.

Finishing it meant that I finally loved it. So you would think that would have satisfied me, right? Not really! Why?Once I hit PUBLISH, I had nightmares that WINX would be a failure. I remember one dream the night before a book signing.

In this dream, there were many people at the book signing event, yet very few came to my table. One stopped by and said, “I’ll buy a book – I feel bad for you”. Yikes.

I woke up grateful it was a dream, but driving to the book signing, I admit I wondered.  It was great! My worries were misdirected.

We need to STOP thinking the worst-case scenario will happen and start believing in ourselves. Prepare for the worst case, but then, once we put a period on it (as my friend Becky says) relax!

If you really want something, get your mind SET, work very hard, have the determination to find the expertise when you get stuck, then make the journey your own.  I have a partner that is a mindset expert and never knew how valuable that was until after I finished my struggle with this book.  If only I knew her before!

Information is power.  Seek it!  Always.

We don’t need to know everything; we just need to know how to find the information required and then work hard and believe!

Who knows, it just might be a winner! Wishing you the best New Year, ever!!!

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