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Are Your Employees Keeping Up? OUCH, They Represent YOU!

If you care about your company growth, your employees must be at their best. They represent you!


Expect the type of service levels it takes to exceed in this highly competitive environment? Don’t think for a minute that you can put a period at the end of your training plan with a company orientation and new hire training program.   P.S. And, how many years ago was that “training” developed anyway?  A few thoughts on this;


  • There will be a learning curve, various interpretations, the water cooler chit-chat about how to do things in the “real world”.


  • Some duties are simply not performed often enough and can be easily forgotten. When things get crazy (and they will) you want your team on auto-pilot. When they question (or guess)  the best scenario to handle the situation, stress is high, and wrong decisions can be a game changer. Especially emergency duties. Repetition will help. 


  • A memo is great, but how do you know they “get it” or even read it?  So often I hear “but I sent a memo!”  Hummmmm! Oh, I see, you talked to them? Or maybe you figured they had ‘common sense’.  Yet, they don’t know and seem confused when questioned or an error creates costly or embarrassing outcomes.


  • If you are looking for opportunities to improve employee retention, customer retention, and attract talented applicants a program that helps employees grow can make a big impact.  Common sense, right? (smile).


  • If you truly want to earn a high-performance reputation, you must-must-must keep your team updated and confident.  Further, when those great Board of Director meetings fail to produce the results expected, there are probably a couple things missing.  Training, included! 

Agree you need more? Consider these three (3) suggestions

1. Create an ongoing program to develop your employees. Even if you must start with an intermittent (but routine) OJT program. The minimal intent is to keep employees proficient in their roles.  People inherently want to do well.  Help them!  And, if they want more – consider layering a program to help with promotional opportunities.

2.  Coaching skills are one of the top indicators of a great leader.  Selecting the right supervisors is critical, and include professionally lead leadership development training.  Your supervisors will guide your employees through their development.  Typically, people don’t leave their company, they leave their supervisor.  We all know that! This key role deserves attention, as they are the connection to your front line employees. 

3.  Don’t just train on tasks, remember soft skills. And, keep your eyes open, your ears in tune and dig deep. Your customer needs change over time & you can quickly lose trust & loyalty if you don’t keep your focus on the big picture. Communicate, listen, conduct customer & employee surveys and act! Learn what you can do better, tweak your processes and train train train.


OK>>>Here it comes: No time to get this done. No money or manpower to train. I KNOW.  Respectfully, you might need time management guidance. Consider both the time (and cost) associated with poor performance and turnover.  In fact, come back and review a couple paragraphs in my article on the real cost of employee turnover at

Now saying (or writing) all that, I understand a new company struggling financially.  Remember, however,  that even a minimal starter program, with good content and process, can be very inexpensive with creativity and strong leadership.  Possibly you can do this yourself with minimal guidance. Then, when you are ready for a full program there are some opportunities for no cost financial assistance (yes, free money!)  that can help!

Training can be minimal or cover every aspect but it must be ongoing and evaluated for effectiveness.

If you need help ask us, or someone you work with, but not developing your team will have long term consequences.I’m sure you have heard this before, but it is worth repeating.

CFO asks CEO: What happens if we spend money training our people and then they leave?

CEO responds: What happens if we don’t and they stay?

If you care about your company growth, help your team become their best!  They represent you!

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