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Frustrated With New Hire Turnover?

You spend time and money finding and training new hires. Then, soon after you get them on board, they resign. Some, before they even start their first day.

Remember this; everyone is looking for employees. Unfortunately, it’s rough for most employers right now. That means those new hires may have either been floating resumes or hunted by other employers while in your new hire process. As a result, may get more calls. Consider creating a new hire retention program that will WOW them immediately. 

Nothing will change if you and your team don’t change—a few tips. 

  1. Don’t lag. Yes, due diligence is important but move quickly. From the first contact to the day they start. These people may get recruited away before you blink.
  2. Make every touch impressive. Treat your new hires like your best customers.  Help them feel welcome.
  3. Help your team that will be working directly understand the value of their support in the new hire process. Ask for their help and then provide needed training.
  4. Remember, people leave their boss, not their company.  It is important that new hires know they fit in; not only in relationships but in capabilities.  It is normal to be a little lost in the first days.  Eliminate any questions by showing a plan to help them move forward with guidance and support.
  5. And, create a new employee retention program that makes employees choose you and turn down future opportunities.

I recently worked with a group of top leaders about this topic, and one shared his belief that it was important for the front-line employees to know these executives. As nice as that is, and it is nice, sorry, but you will not make much of a difference. 

The goal at the end of the day is to help your new hires feel the love.  Yes, you read it right. Love… “I love that place . They make me feel so welcome. I feel as if I really belong!”.  

Those front-line employees and their direct supervisors will make a difference. Not you! Help them help new employees stick!  It is a win all the way around.

And of course, if you need guidance, get it. The cost of turnover is dreadful!


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