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How Purposefully Do You Navigate Complex Situations to Achieve Desired Outcomes?

The ability to think critically, make well-informed decisions, and problem-solve efficiently is essential to business success. Leaders must navigate complex situations confidently and purposefully to achieve their desired outcomes. Problem-solving is a powerful tool for those in leadership positions to handle difficult scenarios.

Leaders who can combine their own strength in problem-solving with the desire and ability to work with and through others will be best suited to find innovative solutions for the challenges. Those stuck with one way of thinking and narrow focus typically get stuck. 

Time and effort must be dedicated to developing the necessary skills to face any obstacle head-on. This includes understanding the complexities of the situation and being able to problem-solve creative solutions. 

Familiarizing with negotiation techniques, decision-making processes, and ways of thinking beyond the norm is also beneficial when resolving issues, allowing the leaders to be open when looking for solutions, as taking calculated risks often pays off in the long run.

Before a decision is finalized, a clear plan is also essential when dealing with challenging tasks. Creating a structure from which you can work will ensure that each step taken leads closer to achieving your goal. Once you’ve clearly identified the problem and the root cause, it’s important that you lay out all possible solutions and patiently compare them until you find one that meets your needs most efficiently.

When we look for solutions to a problem, most consider how the problem and probable solutions impact our company or us. That is what I call “me focused”. But what if we win and others lose? Long term, it could get ugly.

When navigating these complex situations, consider what I call the triangular view. How do the current problem and each possible solution impact our customers, company, and employees? Why? Because consider what happens when any one of the three suffers.

Make choices considering your triangular view. I realize decisions can be difficult, but the wider your perspective with these stakeholders, the better chances you will make the best decision possible. 

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